I have returned in 2010

Feeling somber. To write agian seems long lost.  I can't seem to allow myself that freedom.

I am here. I am doing fairly well. I have my needs met and some wants covered.  That is all of great value to me.  My spiritual hunger is well fortified and I do not thirst, for I drink from the living waters. 

I still am not over this dreaded cold or actually a cleans of my body.  I look forward to the spring and warming air that comes too. I pray that the spring will linger long into the summer and when summer is here, it lingers to a slow fall to winter.  Ah, there will be a time where the seasons won't be so harsh.  The global turbulence will falter away and all will be peaceable. 

When the world will be at peace.

Until then I ask my heavenly Father, Jehovah, to help me gain endurance of the times we are in.  To endure the young people who see no future and the older ones who still demand the old standard or else....... else what?  I can not change these things.  I can uphold the ol…
March is coming in like a lion. Will she go out like a lamb?
I hope things will settle down now here and I can start leading a normal life where I can heal from longsuffering. It is not easy and life has its pain and its sorrow, but I would like to pick up and go on. A new spring on its way. I'd like to bloom anew.
Looking out upon the snow
I surely wish that it would go.
I am planning a nice garden
but with ice the gound is hardened.
I need to wait until it is spring
I want to see something green.
Just a little bud of bloom
to wipe out all the winter gloom.
The snow is pretty for a bit
But we can live without it.
Rain we need but not in ice
A spring rain would be nice.
Ramblings of a tired farmer?
Or Master Gardener gone mad?

I have had pleanty of winter now, as everyone else will agree with.
There are other things I could do with my time if it would just warm up a bit.
I am glad I am not in the bitter north winds of the US. I sympathize with those who are not just cold but ever-livid frozen. The snows of the Great Lakes are falling in great amounts, deep snow. Tunneling out is hard to think about, much less to do.
I would like to have a hint of spring. One of those days that remind you its not the arctic we live in. Winds and Rains, Earthquakes and Tital waves, Tsunamis crashing and washing away, Tornados Herricanes Cyclones. Snow with ice. Continues. What is in store?
Makes you wonder if the old song "Oh Suzanna" is more truth than fiction.
I've come from Alabama with the banjo on my knee
I'm goin' to Louisiana my true love for to see
It rained all night the day I left the weather it was so dry
The sun so hot I froze to death Suzanna …

Just in time

Here now I have got it in writing that I will have the other 2 acres and I have bought 23 large round bales of Alfalfa hay. I am feeding my horses Pureena "Charge" with a 12% sweet feed, wheat bran, corn and soybean oil. I will see what happens in the next 60 days. I will be working on my shelter and hope to get a goat and chicken shed up soon. I don't want a lot, just a few! I want to be able to make Biosa MicroFarm work. Organic includes Compost.
I have all 4 of my dogs Licenced, tagged and registered with the city and NAIS.
I cut back from 5 horses to 3, if gas goes up again, I may need them for transpertation.
I would like to get my 4 goats back, that was my largest investment.
I'd like to have about 6 Light Brown Leghorns and 6 Dark Brown Leghorns, show stock.
A buck meat rabbit and 2 does for rabbit meat.
That would make good compost for the garden next spring.
Be certified as Sustainably Organic.
I could be self sufficient and not need alot of money.
Hey, St. Jo…

It gets deeper

The house at Pooh corner is already taken but maybe the
"Horse at Pooh Corner with Whinny The Pooh" would be a good satire.
Eeore, the donkey, could be his friend too. With a goat named Rabbit that poops deer manure.
Officer Shittage could come to visit, along with his wife "Charmin" to clean up pooh corner every day. The thing is, eeore is really a nasty ass that really belonged to the Native American Neverwipe tribe so he makes a lot of trouble about cleanup. Rabbit, the little Billy goat, has 2 bigger brothers that are rather "Gruff" and make fun of him when he gets stuck on the bridge where the troll lives and it just scares the deer manure out if him and it gets stuck between the boards of the bridge, making it difficult for cleanup.
Then before they day is done, Whinny will ultamatly Pooh agian.
Take a shot of Biosa, set this on the shelf and you will get the best compost ever.
What do you think? Grimms or Hans?

Animal control or DIscrimination???

Prejugdice and Discrimination???
It is so stupid the way things are up here. There is a woman who is leasing 2 acres and has 3 horses but because the man wants to pick on ME, he complains about MY animals and not hers. Animal control, part of the health department, comes to tell me I have to clean up the poop every day and then I have to send it out of the city each week. I told them that it was going to be composted and would be dirt by the end of the week. No, no, they say it has got to go. Now, the lady leasing the 2 acres has a lot of horse manure and does not even have to rake it down from piles to keep the flies out of it. Mine has to be 100 feet from his house and hers is just 60+ feet from mine and his. If I were to call in a complaint like the man has for me, then they might DO something. They don't see it as "We have a health problem with horse poop within 100 feet of homes, lets take care of ALL of it." They just pick on the one whom is phoned in. Now that lady…

Cabin of the Homefire

Cabin of the Homefire
Blind sided by Animal control and this Eve Earhart and the idiot neighbor, Adam Lee, I had quite a battle going on. No phone, no electricity, people pointing out I had animals in too small a place when others were worse off. (I have 2.8 acres and city wants me to have 3 acres before I have animals, other people have 2 acres and twice the limit besides not zoned for it. I have been insulted, asulted, on local TV, accused of animal neglect, (plead not guilty, ) know everyone with animal control and to beat them at their game, I have set to lease 2 more acres from a kind neighbor so I can get my goats back. I had a good lady who has the same bloodlines, keep them for me for a while.) It is quite a story.
I think a nice cup of warm lipton tea and gentle conversation with a good friend would be quite welcome right now. I myself an doing ok, the horse that was cut so badly is healing up nice with "Cut Heal" and Biosa. Animal control said I had to get the Vet o…

Hot summer nights

Hot summer nights, a head cold, too much going on in one day to fit and not enough tea in china to keep me awake. News and notions, too tired to say.

Dr. Oldhen, Poultry Therapist

Dr. Oldhen, Poultry Therapist
This is my other blog, it is about me too. Never enough about me....